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March 12, 2012

* TAST 2012 #10

->I'm moving my blog; the new location of this post is Studio Paars - Embroidery stitches: TAST 2012 #21 Butterfly Chain Stitch
->Mijn blog verhuist; de nieuwe locatie van deze post is Studio Paars - Embroidery stitches: Running Stitch [TAST 2012 #10]


Week 10 of Take A Stitch Tuesday. This week: Running Stitch.
The most basic stitch of all, but I liked the many different effects that are possible with it.

Week 10 van Take A Stitch Tuesday. Deze week: Running Stitch.
De meest elementaire steek van allemaal, maar er zijn heel veel verschillende toepassingen voor en dat vond ik erg leuk.

tast 2012 #10: running stitch

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