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July 25, 2014

* Jellyfish

I'm moving my blog; the new location of this post is: Studio Paars - Jellyfish

Mijn blog verhuist; de nieuwe locatie van deze post is: Studio Paars - Jellyfish


Lately I have been having some sort of blogger's block. It's not that I don't have anything I would like to blog about; there is plenty going on around here, both on the crafty front and on others.
No, it's more that whenever there is something I would like to post on my blog, the thought of making (good) photographs, editing them, writing the post, translating it and finally putting everything together makes me tired... It just seems like too much work.
So, I decided that from now on, everything does not have to be perfect. I can make pics with my phone if I don''t feel like bringing out the big camera, and I can just add a few words without having to make a nice story.
I hope this will help. Wish me luck :)

De laatste tijd zie ik vaak op tegen het bloggen, jammer genoeg. Ik ga proberen wat minder hoge eisen te stellen aan mijn postjes. Wens me maar succes :)

Anyway, here is a jellyfish!
I made him from some scrap fabric and assorted ribbons and trims. He was super easy to put together and looks very cute, especially when the wind catches his 'tentacles'.
Found on Pinterest; from the blog: Sixty One A.

Dussss. Hier dan maar een kwal!
Gemaakt van restjes stof  en wat lintjes en kantjes. Super makkelijk te maken en ziet er leuk uit, vooral als zijn 'tentakels' bewegen in de wind.
Via Pinterest; van het blog: Sixty One A.

Jellyfish action
Jellyfish in action


  1. I know what you mean about setting up everything, photographing, editing the photos, then writing the can be overwhelming, can't it? Therefore, I don't blog every month as a lot of people do. Just here and there to share my craftiness with the world....keep it fun! Love these cute jellyfish! What a fun idea!! My daughter will love this. Cheers, Catherine

    1. Thanks, Catherine. It's nico to hear from someone who feals the same way.
      If you like the jellyfish, make sure to follow the link to the blog where I got the idea! She has lots more lovely things there.

  2. Super cute idea! I'm sure my daughters would love to make something like this out of the stuff we have hiding in our craft boxes! Thanks for sharing! Happy Saturday!

  3. He's a very cute jellyfish, I think my toddler would quite like to help me make one, thanks for sharing.

  4. I try to remember that I am blogging to help my creative process, to keep a record of what I try, what I achieve, what doesn't work too. So sometimes that will be scrappy and sporadic, because that's how life is too. I think you have to do as much as you can enjoy and then stop, otherwise something that's supposed to be fun and life-enhancing becomes another chore (and there's enough of those already). I love your jellyfish - what fun.

  5. I do know very well how you feel about blogging. we all happen to be tired from our blogging, uploading, editing, photographing etc - at the end of the day it's a hard job to maintain a good blog and it is also a commitment as well. of course, the more effort you put in your blog, the more you can get out of it but it is always YOUR OWN space on the web and you can do whatever pleases you :)

    i try to blog regularly, at least once a week but sometimes i go into periods of silence and lack of blogging motivation but it usually comes back after sometime :)
    what really gets on my nerves is the backlog of things to be blogged about. i dont want to miss an opportunity and yet i dont want to delay it as it will be "past its date". I spent a hell of a time editing photos - gosh, this one can take ages!
    Good luck with your blogging and well done on running a bilingual blog (tell me about it!).

  6. I know exactly what you mean! After spending time and energy creating something you love, it's easy to beat yourself up about not giving it the very best photo shoot. I have a hard time ever thinking my photos are good enough. :( Yours are lovely though! :)

  7. ahh bloggerblock... digital picture panic... yep. I'm having trouble with new studio lights and color.
    Thanks for breaking through, the phone did the job
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. Trying to make everything perfect takes the fun away from blogging. Glad you were able to relax a little. Your little jellyfish would look great hanging up with the tentacles moving about.

  9. Thanks for all the nice comments guys.
    It is always good to find others struggling with the same things.

  10. What a cute idea for ribbons and ricrac! Love this.

  11. Lovely jellyfish, I can think of lots of places he (?) could dangle from!! Your pictures are perfect by the way.