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March 2, 2013

* TAST #15: French Knot

->I'm moving my blog; the new location of this post is Studio Paars - Embroidery stitches: French Knot [TAST 2012 #16]
->Mijn blog verhuist; de nieuwe locatie van deze post is Studio Paars - Borduursteken: Frans Knoopje (French Stitch) [TAST 2012 #16]


It's been a while since I last took part in Take A Stitch Tuesday; as it turns out, it's changed a bit. Now the stitches are numbered rather than the weeks. I could easily pick up again where I left off before; only my numbering may be off a little.

TAST Stitch 15: French Knot
I started this one ages ago and actually never completed it: it's not one of my favorites. I like the effect though, and will surely use it again.

TAST #15 French Knot
TAST #15 French Knot, a photo by HGK handmade on Flickr.
Het is alweer een tijdje sinds ik meedeed aan Take A Stitch Tuesday; blijkt dat ze het enigszins veranderd hebben. Nu zijn de steken genummerd en niet de weken. Ik kon gemakkelijk weer verder gaan waar ik gebleven was, alleen klopt mijn nummering soms niet helemaal.

TAST Steek 15: French Knot 
Ik ben een hele tijd geleden al aan deze begonnen en nooit helemaal afgemaakt: het is geen favoriet van me. Het effect ervan vind ik wel mooi dus ik zal hem zeker wel vaker gaan gebruiken.


  1. Use French knots all the time - great when I want to mask a hem, without actually hemming something! Enjoy the knots: loathe hemming!

    My newest Etsy toys feature them - pop around and have a look-see sometime. Its the Buchanan Foxes posts, if you do call in!


  2. Ohh...this is so pretty. It is always in my mind that I want to learn to do embroidery. Is is difficult to learn? Can you suggest where should I start to learn ho to do this since I never do this before...?? I am browsing around your blog right now? Thank you for sharing! Please visit

  3. A long time ago, I knew how to sew French knots, but I'd have to Google how now.

  4. AnonymousMay 20, 2013

    Oh my... the french knots look gorgeous... And I love the colours too..

  5. Thanks!
    I'm not sure which I'd prefer though: hemming or french knots...